Hello everyone, my name is Mihail but you can call me Misho, it is the short form of the name, same as the English Michael and Mike.
I am from Bulgaria in Europe, came to Japan in April this year as a Monbusho research student and now I study at Yokohama National University, Department of Business administration.
I speak English, Bulgarian (my mother language), a little Russian and a little Japanese, I am very interested in this language.
My other interests are history, geography and of course, I like traveling very much.
I can happily say that working for IHCWAY as a teacher is one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. There are so many opportunities to meet different people, learn new things and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a casual talk and all that at a convenient time when you are not busy and in a convenient place, so that you don’t have to travel much, opportunities that few other schools can offer you.
Of course, these are opportunities not only for the teachers but for the students as well because all of us, teachers and students, are members of this school, we share the same ideas and benefits.
The English language, due to historical reasons, has become a lingua franca, a Latin term meaning a language widely used beyond the population of its native speakers. So if you can speak English, a whole new world will open for you, a world where you will be able to communicate freely with other people and believe me, communication is the most important asset of mankind.
As for the lessons, it is my custom to let you decide how you will study English. Maybe you want to emphasize on grammar, or enrich your vocabulary, or just have a casual talk and improve your conversational skills, or may be all of that, it is up to you.
I know that for Japanese people studying English is very difficult because it is a language so different from Japanese. It is like a dense dark forest and you are alone, trying to find your way through it. Well, let’s meet there, I will be your guiding light. I am looking forward to it.