Will Hundley先生/英語

アメリカ人のお父様と、日本人のお母様を持つアメリカ国籍のハーフです。言語は英語のネイティブ、日本語の会話もOKなバイリンガル です。
  Hello students!
My name is Will Hundley and I am half-Japanese and half-Caucasian/American.
Although I was born in Machida-shi, Japan, I moved to the USA when I was almost 2 years old and grew up in Dublin, Ohio, just outside of the capital, Columbus, the hometown of first ever Wendy's fast-food chain!!!!
Many people mistake Ohio with Iowa or Idaho, so to don't mix it up!!
I lived in the USA until I was 21 and I have been living here for almost 7 months in Higashi Omiya.
At home I would speak Japanese and at school I would speak English, so I have a decent grasp of Japanese but am fluent/native in English.
It is very admiring to see the hardworking students of IHCWAY work to improve their English skills in every aspect of the language.
Currently, I am attending Jyouchi Daigaku/Sophia University and plan on graduating with a degree in International Business, hopefully to end up working for a company in Japan using my English and Japanese language abilities.
I too, like many of fellow colleagues, am still trying to perfect my Japanese and can understand how difficult it is to do so. I would trade anyone my English abilities for their kanji reading and writing abilities!!!!
Working at IHCWAY is wonderful in how it allows me to take each student by the hand and walk them through the English learning process. Seeing each student's improvements is forever gratifying and makes it easier to teach.
I am grateful to be working for a company like IHCWAY that provides a system that works and wants every one of their students enjoy the difficult process of learning English. So together, let's work to develop your strong grasp of the English language!

Let's chat sometime soon!

-Will Hundley