Rachel Yeung先生/英語

  Hello, My Name is Rachel Yeung and I am a Chinese Canadian from Vancouver, BC.
I am currently an exchange student studying in Tokyo. I have studied Japanese for a few years now, so I am familiar with the difficulties of learning a foreign language. But you shouldn't let these difficulties stop you from learning something that you are interested in!
I have been working for IHCWAY for three months now and I love their relaxed and fun teaching environment. Prior to teaching, I was always nervous about meeting a student for the first time.
However, I soon realized that it was silly of me to be nervous, because each time I meet my students, we always have fun and interesting conversations.
Even though I am teaching English to my students, I feel like I am also learning something new from them every lesson. For example, they always have interesting stories about the Japanese culture to share with me.
I noticed that sometimes students may be hesitant to speak because they are not sure if their grammar is correct, but please don't hesitate. This is an English lesson.
IHCWAY teachers are here to help you improve your speech and fluency. I believe the more mistakes you make during the lesson, the faster you will grasp the English language.
Keep working hard and good luck to everyone!