Joy Villar先生/英語

とても真面目で、誠意を持って生徒さんのニーズにこたえてくださいます。 一見おとなしそうですが、友人も多く、活発な面があります。
  Hi! I am Joy Villar. I am from the Philippines, and I am here in Japan right now as an exchange student studying, among other things, the Japanese Language.
I only started learning the Japanese language formally around a year ago, so I understand well the feeling of wanting to learn the language more, wanting to improve in using the language more.
I have been working at IHCWAY for a while now, but I can say that I like teaching in IHCWAY because the environment is relaxed and the student and the teacher have more room for interaction. The student can speak more, and the teacher can focus more on helping that student improve their language skills.
Learning a language is, I admit, hard. But if you have the interest in learning it, if you have the perseverance for it, then I believe that you will learn the language and improve in it easily.
So make the most out of each lesson by speaking a lot and asking a lot of questions. Don't worry about making mistakes, because making mistakes is a big part of the learning process.
Good luck, and I hope you have fun learning the language as much as we have fun teaching them!