Robert Harper先生(英語)

Robert Harper先生はアメリカ出身。日本が大好きで、とても愉快な、プラス思考の先生です。
  Hajimemashite! My name is Robert Harper and I am from New Jersey in the United States.
In the United States, I was in the Information Technology field, managing networks and teaching clients how to use new technologies.
I also spent a lot of my time in the U.S. recording music and editing video for a small AV company. In between time I study Japanese. Japanese is not easy to learn but I enjoy the challenge.
I enjoy everything about Japan since my first trip a few years ago. Who can resist the countless bowls of ramen, or the endless cans of melon soda? And let’s not forget those delightful Gari Gari-kun treats. My favorite! There are never enough for me. I enjoy each day here in Japan by absorbing the Japanese language and the culture.
I find that some of the same practices in teaching IT are just as helpful to students of English. As a teacher of English the three skills I hold to my success are patience, listening skills and effective communication.
At the same time, learning should be fun, so I attempt create a fun learning environment for my students. I understand the challenges of learning English, because I encounter some of the same challenges as I learn Japanese.
I believe learning a new language requires valuable teaching and constant reinforcement. I believe IHCWAY provides valuable teachers to its students while offering the most convenient and efficient way to learn. If you are serious about learning English, never give up.

Minna-san Ganbatte!