Jason Sleith先生(英語)

  Working for IHCWAY was a great experience for me.
The freedom to arrange times and locations that suited both me and my students was a great advantage to them and myself. I not only got to meet a broad spectrum of the people living and working in Tokyo but within the part of the city that I chose to work, I got the chance to explore and come to know more about the layout of where I was living.
When students thanked me after their TOEIC scores had improved, I felt great satisfaction. They had learnt more English and in nearly ever lesson I had learnt more about Japan's culture, festivals, holidays, family/working life and food (I maybe learnt about and enjoyed the food too much, as after a year in Tokyo I had gained over 20 kilos).
Now I am back in the U.K and I am missing the time that I spent in Tokyo. I hope that in the future I will return and be able to further improve my knowledge of Japan and it's culture aswell as help more people increase their knowledge of the English language.

Jason Sleith,