Gregory Vlant先生(英語)

  Hello all !!
My name is Greg Vlant and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am a fun, but serious individual in both my personal and professional life.
I consider myself to be somewhat of an adventurer, liking to learn what it is like to live in a different culture.
Japan has a very different way of life to Australia, and I might add to alot of other countries around the world. I guess that is what is most attractive about this country.
Other that being an native English speaker, I am also able to speak Greek extremely well. This is due to my background being Greek. In Australia I used to teach English to International University Students who needed help with assignments and essays. They more so wanted to widen their vocabulary range at most, but also understand proper structure an so forth.
Other than teaching in Australia, I have worked in several different jobs over the course of the last ten years. Begining in the most easiest of jobs, at a fast food restaurant then moving up the ranks and moving around to different jobs. Whether it was retail clothing sales, or selling food, working in a cafe, working for a phone company, washing dishes, cooking, or even building, I always believed that you gained some kind of experience that is a stepping stone for something new.
Aside from the teaching and other paid jobs that I have done, I also am interested in Film-making. I have made two short films in Australia and am currently writing a third one to try and film in Japan. Japanese film has been quite an influence for my style and therefore the main reason for my reason in Japan.
In any case, with my teaching style, I am very open and easy, patient, but quite serious that you learn and understand what you are doing. I take time to explain and care that you are happy with the results. I am able to teach English in a few different styles, depending on what you want to learn and for what reason. But, basically in the end, give you more depth and meaning to what you are saying, or writing, or reading, or listening to.
Well, everyone, you take care have fun..