Diana Bang先生(英語) English teacher

  Hello! My name is Diana Bang and I am an exchange student from Seattle, Washington (USA). I attend Seattle University back at home and am working towards a social work major.
Currently, I am attending Sophia University as a sophomore and am enrolled in the Faculty of Liberal Arts program. I chose to study abroad here in Japan because I was so fascinated about the country's history and culture, and I plan to minor in Japanese.

I believe that the IHCWAY program is truly effective and would be beneficial to both the student interested in learning a foreign language and the teacher. Having lessons in comfortable atmospheres (such as cafes) and being able to have free conversations with another who is trying to learn English is what I enjoy the most about IHCWAY!
I know the various challenges one may face while trying to learn a foreign language and my goal is to help those who truly want to improve their English language ability. Don't ever give up!

Diana Bang