Tom MacDowell先生(英語) English Teacher

  Hello everyone

My name is Tom McDowell and I am from London England.
I am a very easy going person who likes to meet new people and experience different cultures. This is one of the reasons why I came to Japan as the culture is so very different to England but also I have always had a keen interest in Japan so this is a very important experience for me and I feel very lucky to be here in Tokyo. When I first arrived I could not believe how polite, kind and friendly everyone was towards me and I would like to thank you all for welcoming me to your country.

My job before teaching English was as a Corporate Insurance Broker in the London Insurance Market. Insurance is a busy industry but also has a very buzzing atmosphere. I really enjoyed meeting clients and and really enjoyed being out of the office. I had my own book of clients which I dealt with on a day to day basis and enjoyed building relationships with them and also with new clients. I did enjoy the work but I am enjoying time away and teaching English which I think is very rewarding as you see students progress in their English ability, lesson after lesson.
If you want to improve your English speaking skills I will always do my best to assist you in any way possible through reading, speaking and writing, and I always try to make sure that you are happy with me as a teacher. I think it is very important that student and teacher work well together which is why IHCWAY is so good because they take the time to interview both teachers and students to ensure that they match and are compatible.

I try to make my lessons interesting and enjoyable while at the same time making sure that students are gaining useful knowledge, skill and ability. I hope that by listening to my pronunciation that you will be able to speak English at the level and ability that you aim for.

Take care and I hope you enjoy learning English.

All the best