Christopher Liu先生 (英語) English teacher

Chris Liu先生は、アメリカ・カリフォルニア出身です。
  Hello everyone!

My name is Christopher Liu,and I am from San Jose, California.
I came to Japan to study Japanese, and to also experience the rich culture, history, and diversity of this beautiful country. I've always had a strong desire to learn Japanese,the rich and unique culture is what attracted me to learn Japanese in the first place. Japanese is a very beautiful language,but hard to learn. It is very different from English, but I hope to speak it fluently someday.
I have taught English in Shanghai, China before coming to Japan. So I do have experience teaching English.
Being a teacher at IHCWAY, it allows me to have a flexible schedule, so that I can better teach my students. The one to one teaching approach really allows me to teach my students at my own pace, and it really builds a connection between teacher and student.
IHCWAY's teaching methods are very effective, and are very helpful. Meeting new students is the best part about being an IHCWAY teacher. Being able to help them learn English is also a great feeling. English is not an easy language to learn but being a teacher at IHCWAY, I am always looking forward to helping the next student that wants to learn!

Christopher Liu