James先生 英語

Hello everyone, my name is James Watson. I am 21 years old, and I am from The United States of America; more specifically, Wimberley, Texas.
I currently live in Yokohama, and study Japanese at a Japanese language school. I have been in Japan for about one year and three months, which, without a doubt, has been the most adventurous and spectacular of my life. I have seen and experienced so many new and unique things, and met many great people.
Ever since I was a high school student in Texas, I had a keen interest in Japan. After making Japanese friends, my interest only intensified. Luckily, one of my friends invited me to visit him in Japan during our winter vacation. I accepted, and had a spectacular time. Even then, I knew that I wanted to spend much more time in Japan; however I could have never imagined that I would actually be living here!
Compared to Japan, life in my hometown is very different. Located in central Texas, Wimberley is a very small, quaint tourist town with a population of only 3,797. It is surrounded by beautiful, green hills and mountains, and has numerous rivers flowing through it. Due to the large abundance of land in Texas, at my house, we have 7 horses, 7 cats, and 7 dogs, 2 chickens, and one fish. It is actually more like a zoo than a house!
Even though it is totally different from Texas, I really enjoy my life here in Japan. When I am not studying or working, I enjoy spending time with my friends and my wonderful girlfriend. I also enjoy cooking, karaoke, BMX, reading, and exploring the city of Yokohama!
Because I study Japanese, I understand how it feels to learn another language. I know how difficult it can be, yet I also know how rewarding it is. Because English is not an easy language, especially to many Japanese, my goal is to help anyone who wants to improve their English; be it reading, writing, listening, or conversation. Together, we can become better English speakers, and ultimately, better people!

James Watson