Jason Sleith先生(英語)

  Working for IHCWAY was a great experience for me.
The freedom to arrange times and locations that suited both me and my students was a great advantage to them and myself. I not only got to meet a broad spectrum of the people living and working in Tokyo but within the part of the city that I chose to work, I got the chance to explore and come to know more about the layout of where I was living.
When students thanked me after their TOEIC scores had improved, I felt great satisfaction. They had learnt more English and in nearly ever lesson I had learnt more about Japan's culture, festivals, holidays, family/working life and food (I maybe learnt about and enjoyed the food too much, as after a year in Tokyo I had gained over 20 kilos).
Now I am back in the U.K and I am missing the time that I spent in Tokyo. I hope that in the future I will return and be able to further improve my knowledge of Japan and it's culture aswell as help more people increase their knowledge of the English language.

Jason Sleith,

Sandro Schwaderer 先生(英語・ドイツ語・イタリア語)

また、専門はコンピューターで、アイルランド等英語圏 のコンピューター会社に勤めておられたので、ビジネスレベルの英語も堪能です。
  Hello there!
I’m Sandro from Germany and I teach English and German at IHCWAY. In Japan,everything is really new and exciting to me. The reason for my stay here is to get to know Japanese language and culture as well as I possibly can.
So, I am really looking forward to getting to know as many people as possible. I like to think that my work at IHCWAY lets me do just that: share experiences with many people from a different culture – and if I can help others to improve their English at the same time, much the better.
When it comes to learning foreign languages, believe me, I’ve had my fair share: I speak not only English and German, but am fluent also in Italian and French.
It is never easy to learn a new language; whether one is just at the beginning or a bit more advanced – it always takes a lot of effort and hard work to reach that next level. The good thing is, you are not the only one having difficulties! And as a teacher I want to guide you and help you achieving your goal in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with lessons tailored to your individual interests.
I am really looking forward to hearing from you.